Archive: 07/17/2008

Raw deal for foreign brides in Taiwan: study

More than a quarter of a million women have been sold as wives and baby-makers in South East Asia, but they are getting a raw deal in health care and social inclusion.

Jul 17, 2008
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Categories help us make happier choices

Most of us have stood in a supermarket aisle, overwhelmed with the array of choices. Making those choices is easier if the options are categorized, according to new research in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Jul 17, 2008
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Drugs industry protecting 'morally unacceptable' patent system

Major drugs companies are using fierce lobbying tactics to protect a pharmaceutical patent system that is "simply morally unacceptable", a world-leading political philosopher will tell a major meeting of UK and European pharmacologists ...

Jul 17, 2008
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Fuel from food waste: bacteria provide power

Researchers have combined the efforts of two kinds of bacteria to produce hydrogen in a bioreactor, with the product from one providing food for the other. According to an article in the August issue of Microbiology Today, this t ...

Jul 17, 2008
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New model explains why we overestimate our future choices

When people make choices for future consumption, they select a wider variety than when they plan to immediately consume the products. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research examines the reasons behind this divers ...

Jul 17, 2008
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