Archive: 17/06/2008

Latrines trounce toilets

While Americans may consider flush-and-forget-it indoor plumbing to be the pinnacle of sanitary science, the lowly latrine could be a far better solution for many parts of the developing world, say researchers at Michigan ...

dateJun 17, 2008 in Other
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Gene mutation improves leukemia drug's effect

Gene mutations that make cells cancerous can sometimes also make them more sensitive to chemotherapy. A new study led by cancer researchers at Ohio State University shows that a mutation present in some cases of acute leukemia ...

dateJun 17, 2008 in Cancer
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The watchman’s song

Soldiers on sentry duty in hostile territory keep in regular radio contact with their colleagues to assure them that all is well and that they are safe to carry on their manoeuvres. New research by Dr Andy Radford of the ...

dateJun 17, 2008 in
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