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IMEC to create solutions for sub-45nm CMOS scaling

Together with its CMOS core partners, IMEC will announce several research breakthroughs on new gate-stack technologies and multiple-gate FET (MuGFET) devices at the 2005 Symposium on VLSI Technology. A combination of advances ...

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Hyperventilating Over 'Space Weapons'

HOUSTON, June 17 (SPX) -- Mere military exploration of space hardware doesn't mean the next Star Wars is at hand. In fact, misinformation in such matters is quite dangerous in this world. Is the sanctity of the heavens abo ...

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Sign of ancient Egyptian glassmaking found

QANTIR-PIRAMESSES, Egypt, June 17 (UPI) -- Scientists say they have found the first conclusive evidence of a glass factory in ancient Egypt. They believe their find offers new insights into production techniques for a com ...

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Spirit's On The Move

PASADENA, Calif., June 17 (SPX) -- Spirit's on the move. We've finished up our work in the whole Larry's Lookout, Jibsheet and Methuselah region and begun the long climb up and around to the south side of Husband Hill. Our las ...

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Russian cargo spacecraft nearing ISS

MOSCOW, June 17 (UPI) -- A Russian cargo spacecraft has been launched into orbit successfully and will reach the International Space Station Saturday, Russian space officials said.

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Why solar cells lose potency

Commercial products such as laptop computer monitors and solar-powered calculators are constructed from a light-sensitive material with a peculiar problem: When exposed to intense light, it forms defects, reducing the efficiency ...

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