Archive: 03/17/2011

Music-playing robot developed by Drexel students

Only a decade ago, musically-aware humanoids, or robots, equipped to play popular songs on the piano and dance to audio beats could have come to life only in a science fiction film, but for Drexel University ...

dateMar 17, 2011 in Robotics
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On the sizeable wings of albatrosses

( -- An oceanographer may be offering the best explanation yet of one of the great mysteries of flight--how albatrosses fly such vast distances, even around the world, almost without flapping their ...

dateMar 17, 2011 in Earth Sciences
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Risks from radiation low in Japan but panic high

(AP) -- Risks from possible radiation exposure remain greatest for the workers scrambling to cool reactors at a Japanese nuclear power plant. Those who have been evacuated from the site are considered safe, ...

dateMar 17, 2011 in Health
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