Archive: 01/17/2006

Study: Aspirin good for men and women

A Duke University study suggests aspirin significantly reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack or death due to cardiovascular disease in men and women.

Jan 17, 2006
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Study: City bees better than rural bees

A French beekeepers' association says it has determined bees reared in cities are healthier and more productive than bees raised in rural areas.

Jan 17, 2006
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Study: Your mother was right -- again

Research by University of Virginia Health System nurses suggests your mother was right when she told you not to eat or drink before taking your temperature.

Jan 17, 2006
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NASA Pluto probe launch postponed (Update 2)

NASA postponed Tuesday the launch of the world's first probe to the icy, never-explored planet of Pluto after excessively strong winds put the liftoff at risk.

Jan 17, 2006
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Alaskan volcano sends ash plume high

Alaska's Augustine Volcano erupted again Tuesday for about five minutes, sending a plume of ash nine miles into the air.

Jan 17, 2006
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Visual research seeks to cut through clutter

Think you have problems finding your car keys in a messy drawer? Just imagine the difficulty faced by airport baggage checkers search for weapons amid a jumbled clutter of different textures and colors. A researcher at Rutgers ...

Jan 17, 2006
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O2 tests fuel calls for mobile TV spectrum

Mobile television developers Tuesday called on the British government to unlock spectrum bands that are optimal for the fledgling technology.

Jan 17, 2006
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Scientists monitor Alaskan volcano

Scientists were closely monitoring Alaska's Augustine Volcano Tuesday and analyzing gas samples taken Monday following last week's eruptions.

Jan 17, 2006
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Study Finds Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals

Biologists have long believed that bigger is better when it comes to body size, since many lineages of animals, from horses to dinosaurs, have evolved into larger species over time. But a study published this ...

Jan 17, 2006
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Simulation Program Predicts Resistivity in Nanodevices

As nanoscale circuits continue to shrink, electrical resistivity increases in the wiring and limits the maximum circuit speed. A new simulation program developed by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology ...

Jan 17, 2006
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