Archive: 12/16/2008

Study of placenta unexpectedly leads to cancer gene

University of Rochester Medical Center scientists discovered a gene mutation that impairs the placenta and also is influential in cancer development, according to a study published online December 16, 2008, in the journal ...

dateDec 16, 2008 in Cancer
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Girls have superior sense of taste to boys

New knowledge: Girls have a better sense of taste than boys. Every third child of school age prefers soft drinks which are not sweet. Children and young people love fish and do not think of themselves as being ...

dateDec 16, 2008 in Other
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A sparkling spray of stars

NGC 2264 lies about 2600 light-years from Earth in the obscure constellation of Monoceros, the Unicorn, not far from the more familiar figure of Orion, the Hunter. The image shows a region of space about 30 ...

dateDec 16, 2008 in Astronomy
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Researchers identify new anti-tumor gene

Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University have identified a new anti-tumor gene called SARI that can interact with and suppress a key protein that is overexpressed in 90 percent of human cancers. The discovery could ...

dateDec 16, 2008 in Genetics
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Abused women seek more infant health care, study finds

Pregnant women who experience intimate partner violence (IPV) before, during or after pregnancy often suffer adverse health effects, including depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and chronic mental illness. ...

dateDec 16, 2008 in Health
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