Archive: 05/16/2012

Make or break for cellular tissues

In a study about to be published in the European Physical Journal E, French physicists from the Curie Institute in Paris have demonstrated that the behaviour of a thin layer of cells in contact with an unfavourable substr ...

dateMay 16, 2012 in General Physics
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Full control of plastic transistors

In an article in the highly ranked interdisciplinary journal PNAS, Loïg Kergoat, a researcher at Linköping University, describes how transistors made of plastic can be controlled with great precision.

dateMay 16, 2012 in Nanophysics
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A deeper look at Centaurus A

( -- The strange galaxy Centaurus A is pictured in a new image from the European Southern Observatory. With a total exposure time of more than 50 hours this is probably the deepest view of this peculiar ...

dateMay 16, 2012 in Astronomy
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Facebook investors to cash out more shares

(AP) -- Insiders and early Facebook investors will be unloading more of their shares in the initial public offering, the company said Wednesday, as they take advantage of investor demand.

dateMay 16, 2012 in Business
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