Archive: 04/16/2008

Security from chaos

There’s safety (and security) in numbers … especially when those numbers are random. That’s the lesson learned from a DHS-sponsored research project out of the University of Southern California (USC). ...

Apr 16, 2008
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New hazard estimates could downplay quake dangers

The dangers posed by a major earthquake in the New Madrid and Charleston, South Carolina zones in the Midwestern and Southern parts of the United States may be noticeably lower than current estimates if seismologists adjust ...

Apr 16, 2008
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Hope Takes Flight on Shuttle Discovery

The cargo aboard the space shuttle Discovery on mission STS-124 already has traveled halfway around Earth, more than 10,000 miles over land and sea. It’s now ready for the culmination of its 23-year journey ...

Apr 16, 2008
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Study Suggests Why Parents Stricter With Older Children

If you think your parents let your younger siblings get away with everything, you’re probably right. A new study from researchers at Duke University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland concludes that ...

Apr 16, 2008
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Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness

A new image from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows baby stars sprouting in the backwoods of a galaxy -- a relatively desolate region of space more than 100,000 light-years from the galaxy's bustling center. ...

Apr 16, 2008
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Road losses add up, taxing amphibians and other animals

When frogs hit the road, many croak. Researchers found more than 65 animal species killed along a short stretch of roads in a Midwestern county. Nearly 95 percent of the total dead were frogs and other amphibians, ...

Apr 16, 2008
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