Archive: 16/03/2009

New battle lines drawn on stem cells

Faced with a new federal policy that opens the door for more embryonic stem cell research, conservatives have geared up for a political battle at the national and state level that goes to the core of their beliefs about the ...

dateMar 16, 2009 in Other
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Dendritic cells ensure immune tolerance

Dendritic cells are essential to the body's immune defenses. Now, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (Germany) researchers show that they also have to protect the body from itself: They help to identify any immune cells ...

dateMar 16, 2009 in Medical research
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Obama expected to kill key Bush EPA program

The Obama administration intends to close an EPA program heavily promoted by the Bush Administration that rewards voluntary pollution controls by hundreds of corporations with reduced environmental inspections and less stringent ...

dateMar 16, 2009 in Environment
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