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The bacteria can cheat on their mates

Pursuing our own short term interests by cheating on the rest of the population is not the preserve of the human race. It seems bacteria can operate in just the same way.

dateNov 15, 2007 in
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Study Finds That Sitting May Increase Risk of Disease

Most people spend most of their day sitting with relatively idle muscles. Health professionals advise that at least 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days a week will counteract health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease, ...

dateNov 15, 2007 in Health
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Remembering the future

As electronics designers cram more and more components onto each chip, current technologies for making random-access memory (RAM) are running out of room. European researchers have a strong position in a new ...

dateNov 15, 2007 in Semiconductors
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Traffic control systems

Traffic flow accounts for as much as one-third of global energy consumption. However, unconventional changes in managing traffic flow could significantly reduce harmful CO2 emissions. ETH Zurich Professor for Sociology, Dirk ...

dateNov 15, 2007 in Other
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