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China moving 3G on its own

The ability to set industry standards, a combination of power and pride, is a key objective for China to sustain its rise as a telecom powerhouse, and the country took a large step in that direction late last week with the ...

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A galaxy of elements

A revamped version of the periodic table designed by an Oxford plant scientist is finding favour with chemists and non-chemists alike. A copy of the poster, which displays the elements in a ‘galactic’ spiral, ...

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The Beginnings of a New Phase in Medical Imaging?

In a development that could help usher in a new kind of medical imaging for clinics and hospitals, researchers have demonstrated a practical x-ray device that provides 2- and 3-dimensional images of soft biological ...

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Global warming to boost Scots farmers

Climate change could be good news for Scottish farmers, according to ESRC funded research at the University of Stirling. Rising temperatures and increased CO2 levels could mean increased yields and a boost to local economies, ...

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Urine-powered battery developed (Update)

Physicists in Singapore have succeeded in creating the first paper battery that generates electricity from urine. This new battery will be the perfect power source for cheap, disposable healthcare test-kits for diseases such ...

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Gemini Uncovers 'Lost City' Of Stars

Like archaeologists unearthing a 'lost city', astronomers using the 8-meter Gemini South telescope have revealed that the galaxy NGC 300 has a large, faint extended disk made of ancient stars, enlarging the known diameter ...

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