Archive: 15/06/2009

Unique sky survey brings new objects into focus

An innovative sky survey has begun returning images that will be used to detect unprecedented numbers of powerful cosmic explosions-called supernovae-in distant galaxies, and variable brightness stars in our own Milky Way. ...

dateJun 15, 2009 in Astronomy
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Female farm workers at highest risk of leukaemia

Agricultural workers have the highest incidence of leukaemia of all New Zealand occupation groups, probably because of their exposure to chemicals, the University's public health specialists have found.

dateJun 15, 2009 in Cancer
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X-Rays for Early Alzheimer's Disease Detection

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have demonstrated a new, highly detailed x-ray imaging technique that could be developed into a method for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s ...

dateJun 15, 2009 in Medical research
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A second chance for dangerous T-cells

The immune system's T-cells react to foreign protein fragments and therefore are crucial to combating viruses and bacteria. Errant cells that attack the body's own material are in most cases driven to cell death. Some of ...

dateJun 15, 2009 in Medical research
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