Archive: 06/15/2005

Driving improvements to night vision

In a bid to reduce the annual death of more than 50,000 people and the countless severe injuries on Europe’s roads, future onboard night vision systems have been developed that highlight unexpected obstacles and improve ...

Jun 15, 2005
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Unlocking the secrets of the Amazon

The world’s largest and most species rich forests are changing faster than we thought. We know the Amazonian rainforests are disappearing – around a fifth has been lost to logging and cattle ranging – but University ...

Jun 15, 2005
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Ripples In Cosmic Neutrino Background Measured For The First Time

Astrophysicists from the Universities of Oxford and Rome have for the first time found evidence of ripples in the Universe’s primordial sea of neutrinos, confirming the predictions of both Big Bang theory and the Standard Model of particle physics. ...

Jun 15, 2005
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Nanoparticles carry cancer-killing drugs into tumor cells

Increased efficacy, lower drug toxicity in mice University of Michigan scientists have created the nanotechnology equivalent of a Trojan horse to smuggle a powerful chemotherapeutic drug inside tumor cells – increasing ...

Jun 15, 2005
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