Archive: 15/05/2007

Buffalo NAS Devices Hit 3 Terabytes

Buffalo Technology said Monday that it had designed a 3-Tbyte version of its network-attached storage devices for both consumers and small businesses. But be prepared to pay for the privilege.

dateMay 15, 2007 in Hardware
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Craigslist to Add Ccube Click-to-Call

Ccube pinged us this afternoon to let us know that popular Web classified site will add Ccube's click-to-call VOIP technology beginning on Tuesday.

dateMay 15, 2007 in Internet
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Spud origin controversy solved

Molecular studies recently revealed new genetic information concerning the long-disputed origin of the “European potato.” Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of La Laguna, and the International ...

dateMay 15, 2007 in
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