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Networking: Picking the next Dickens

Charles Dickens serialized his novels -- "Oliver Twist, David Copperfield," amongst others -- in weekly newspapers and monthly magazines before they were published as books. Today, would-be novelists are publishing their ...

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Rural Net access a new market in India

Taking India to the next level is going to be a major part of the discourse during the World BPO Forum to be held here in September, and rural wireless initiatives are set to steal the show.

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A Vast New Map of the Universe

A team of astronomers led by Nikhil Padmanabhan and David Schlegel has published the largest three-dimensional map of the universe ever constructed, a wedge-shaped slice of the cosmos that spans a tenth of ...

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In Search of Crater Chains

As the fragments of shattered comet 73P/Schwassmann Wachmann 3 glide harmlessly past Earth this month in full view of backyard telescopes, onlookers can't help but wonder, what if a comet like that didn't miss, ...

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Coffee, black, decaf and a little llama on the side

Three llamas and two camels have provided a way to tell whether your waiter swapped regular coffee for decaf in your after-dinner cup. Using the heat-resistant antibodies these camels and llamas make, researchers at Washington ...

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Cancer is colour-blind

We may look different on the outside, but inside we are all the same - so much has been scientifically proven. Research at the University of Bergen has shown that the pathways that lead to cancer are similar, no matter where ...

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Smell of success for nanobiosensors

Modern-day doctors may soon start using smell to detect the early warning signs of different illnesses thanks to technology that replicates - and improves upon - the human olfactory system thanks to tiny bioelectronic ...

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