Archive: 03/15/2006

Engineer to study nano in silicon semiconductors

A University of Texas at Austin microelectronics researcher has received $500,000 from the Department of Defense to research ways to use nanotechnology to overcome hurdles that might halt the march of the silicon-based integrated ...

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Bird flu spreads into Denmark

Denmark's government says a strain of the avian flu virus has been found in a wild Danish bird -- the first case of bird flu in that nation.

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New language transforms business reporting

"It's about better, faster and cheaper business reporting," says Olivier Servais, director of the IST project XBRL Europe. "This was once done with proprietary electronic formats. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) ...

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The cosmic dance of distant galaxies

Studying several tens of distant galaxies, an international team of astronomers found that galaxies had the same amount of dark matter relative to stars 6 billion years ago as they have now. If confirmed, this ...

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Did 'Dark Matter' Create the First Stars?

Dark matter may have played a major role in creating stars at the very beginnings of the universe. If that is the case, however, the dark matter must consist of particles called "sterile neutrinos". Peter Biermann ...

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