Archive: 02/15/2008

Worldwide effort bringing ALMA telescope into reality

In the thin, dry air of northern Chile's Atacama Desert, at an altitude of 16,500 feet, an amazing new telescope system is taking shape, on schedule to provide the world's astronomers with unprecedented views of the origins ...

Feb 15, 2008
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Learning about brains from computers, and vice versa

For many years, Tomaso Poggio’s lab at MIT ran two parallel lines of research. Some projects were aimed at understanding how the brain works, using complex computational models. Others were aimed at improving the abilities ...

Feb 15, 2008
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Probing Question: What is lost when a language dies?

Oy vey! Although English dictionaries list "Oh dear!" as a rough equivalent of this Yiddish expression, Yiddishists will tell you how short that falls in conveying the phrase's varied, flexible and nuanced meanings, ranging ...

Feb 15, 2008
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