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Getting on your nerves... and repairing them

Here is some news that will certainly get on people's nerves: In a study to be published in the March 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal, scientists from East Carolina University report that a key molecular mechanism, RNA interference ...

Feb 15, 2007
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The Moon is a School for Exploration

NASA has been exploring space for nearly half a century, often with stupendous success. Yet "there's one thing we really don't know: what is the best way to explore a planet?" declares Paul D. Spudis, a senior ...

Feb 15, 2007
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Marine Bacteria with a Hybrid Engine

What was considered a breakthrough in the automobile industry almost five years ago is in fact a million year old success story of nature - the ability to use a mix of different energy sources.

Feb 15, 2007
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Scientists Find Lakes Under Antarctica

Scientists using NASA satellites have discovered an extensive network of waterways beneath a fast-moving Antarctic ice stream that provide clues as to how "leaks" in the system impact sea level and the world's ...

Feb 15, 2007
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More Evidence Found for Water on Mars

A spacecraft recently arrived at Mars has provided new evidence that fluids, likely including water, once flowed widely through underlying bedrock in a canyon that is part of the great Martian rift valley.

Feb 15, 2007
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Peering into the Pillars of Creation

A new look at the famous "Pillars of Creation" with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has allowed astronomers to peer inside the dark columns of gas and dust. This penetrating view of the central region of ...

Feb 15, 2007
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Quantum effects writ large

A team of physicists from Rice University, Rutgers University, and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Germany, this week reports in the journal Science the discovery of surprising quantum ...

Feb 15, 2007
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Stem cells determine their daughters' fate

From roundworm to human, most cells in an animal's body ultimately come from stem cells. When one of these versatile, unspecialized cells divides, the resulting "daughter" cell receives instructions to differentiate ...

Feb 15, 2007
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Verizon, Samsung Introduce SCH-u740

Yesterday Verizon Wireless and Samsung announced the availability of the SCH-u740 -- a slim, sleek and stylish messaging device with a dual-hinge. The handset's unique design allows for communications options ...

Feb 15, 2007
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