Archive: 14/12/2010

Alcohol consumption may increase amphetamine abuse

Stimulant drugs, which can increase energy and concentration, are widely abused by young adults. One such drug are amphetamines, which in addition to being widely accessible, has been shown in previous studies to have a significant ...

dateDec 14, 2010 in Health
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Microsoft joins group targeting Google-ITA deal

Microsoft Corp. has officially joined an industry group lobbying against rival Google Inc.'s proposed, $700 million acquisition of travel-information software firm ITA Software Inc. on antitrust grounds.

dateDec 14, 2010 in Business
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Tackling the erosion of a special river island

Locke Island is a small island in a bend of the Columbia River in eastern Washington that plays a special role in the culture of the local Indian tribes. Since the 1970s, however, it has been eroding away at a rate that has ...

dateDec 14, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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