Archive: 12/14/2006

AIDS group objects to Viagra ads

An AIDS advocacy group in Los Angeles has asked the makers of Viagra to cease a marketing campaign that appears to promote the drug's recreational use.

Dec 14, 2006
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Physicist: Stars can be strange

According to the "Strange Matter Hypothesis," which gained popularity in the paranormal 1980's, nuclear matter, too, can be strange. The hypothesis suggests that small conglomerations of quarks, the infinitesimally ...

Dec 14, 2006
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Mice have biological clock for smell

Biologists at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered a large biological clock in the smelling center of mice brains and have revealed that the sense of smell for mice is stronger at night, peaking ...

Dec 14, 2006
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New Technologies Improve Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are sprouting up in more and more places, forming an ever more powerful tool for solving crimes after they happen. But what about using them to prevent or stop criminal and terrorist acts? This requires ...

Dec 14, 2006
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