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COROT and the new chapter of planetary searches

The launch of COROT on 21 December 2006 is a long awaited event in the quest to find planets beyond our Solar System. Searching from above the Earth's atmosphere, COROT – the CNES project with ESA participation - will be ...

dateNov 14, 2006 in Astronomy
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NASA Nanotechnology Comes to Market

Finding affordable ways to make technology available to everyone is a common challenge. Now, a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. has done that with the process that creates "nanotubes."

dateNov 14, 2006 in Nanomaterials
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Scientists use pixels to ease amputees' pain

Academics from the School of Computer Science and School of Psychological Sciences have developed a virtual reality system, which gives the illusion that a person's amputated limb is still there.

dateNov 14, 2006 in Other
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Proteins may behave differently in natural environments

When in an environment similar to that in which they exist naturally, proteins and multiprotein assemblies may demonstrate actions or dynamics different than those they exhibit when in the static form in which they are most ...

dateNov 14, 2006 in
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New way to combat cancer

In many forms of cancer the tumor encounters a lack of oxygen, a condition that the tumor tries to prevent in various ways. A research group with its base at Lund University in Sweden is now presenting findings that may make ...

dateNov 14, 2006 in Cancer
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Beijing bans red-yolk duck eggs

Health officials in China say ducks that produce some red-yolk salted eggs are being fed a cancer-causing chemical to create the color.

dateNov 14, 2006 in Cancer
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