Archive: 10/14/2005

New iPod raises Apple stock, sparks debate

Feedback to Apple Computer Co.'s unveiling of the new iPod continues to flow in, both in reactions and in the market. Apple's stock rose more than 9 percent Thursday, one day after the company announced a host of new pro ...

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AMD Opens New 300mm Fab 36 In Dresden, Germany

At a ceremony attended by top German government officials and leaders from across the semiconductor industry, AMD today announced the grand opening of its 300 millimeter Fab 36 in Dresden, Germany.

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Wireless World: Industry mum on attacks

Who do most IT professionals call when there has been a breach of security -- an attack by hackers seeking to steal information from mobile phones and personal digital assistants? Is it the FBI or the CIA or the NSA or the ...

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Internet co. rattles Japan's media

The revelation that an Internet startup has become the biggest shareholder in one of Japan's most influential media outlets has delighted investors but is rattling those in the industry.

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Samsung admits chip price-fixing

Samsung has agreed to pay a huge fine after admitting in federal court that it was part of a conspiracy to fix the price of semiconductor chips.

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