Archive: 09/14/2010

Traditional aerobic fitness the way to go

What to do: walk around the block or work up a sweat in an aerobic workout at the gym? If you're looking for the best health benefits from an exercise program, University of Alberta researchers have found a traditional aerobic ...

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'Tree of Life' fighting for life

Scientists from The University of Nottingham have joined forces with researchers in Africa to tackle a lethal disease which is devastating a vital resource and foodstuff... the coconut palm.

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Arctic sea ice captured by satellite

The Arctic Ocean is covered by a dynamic layer of sea ice that grows each winter and shrinks each summer, reaching its yearly minimum size each fall. While the 2010 minimum remains to be seen, NASA's Aqua ...

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Dinosaurs out in the cold

A major drop in temperature 137 million years ago briefly interrupted the warm, equable climate of the Cretaceous Period. The water temperature in the Arctic Ocean fell from around 13 C to between 4 and 7 ...

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Improved biofuels with new plant

A new pilot biomass processing plant at the University of Sydney gives researchers an opportunity to improve biofuel production, taking it a step closer to becoming a commercially viable, sustainable energy ...

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