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Goose bumps, laughter and butterflies

The human body is as mysterious as it is magnificent. For every essential function like thought or a heartbeat, the body exhibits quirky behaviors that seem to defy explanation. Like goose bumps. Or hiccups. Or peals of laughter.

dateSep 14, 2009 in Other
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Black Hole Pumps Iron

( -- This composite image of the Hydra A galaxy cluster shows 10-million- degree gas observed by Chandra in blue and jets of radio emission observed by the Very Large Array in pink. Optical data from the Canada- ...

dateSep 14, 2009 in Astronomy
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Severe Epilepsy Linked to Gene Mutation

University of Utah medical researchers have identified a gene with mutations that cause febrile seizures and contribute to a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome in some of the most vulnerable patients - infants ...

dateSep 14, 2009 in Genetics
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