Archive: 07/14/2008

Keep It Growing -- Plant Fall and Winter Vegetables in July

( -- In mild parts of western Oregon and along most of the coast, it is possible to grow a succession of garden vegetables throughout the year. You can extend the season well into fall in many parts of the Pacific ...

dateJul 14, 2008 in
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IMEC reports major progress in EUV

IMEC reports functional 0.186µm2 32nm SRAM cells made with FinFETs from which the contact layer was successfully printed using ASML’s full field extreme ultraviolet (EUV) Alpha Demo Tool (ADT). Applied ...

dateJul 14, 2008 in Semiconductors
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Hand Washing Saves Newborn Lives

Washing hands with soap and water in preparation for delivery significantly reduced the risk of death for infants within the first month of life, according to a study in Nepal conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins ...

dateJul 14, 2008 in Health
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