Archive: 06/14/2006

Philosopher opposes 'rhythm method'

A British philosopher at the London School of Economics is drawing criticism from abortion opponents by opposing the "rhythm method," a report says.

Jun 14, 2006
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Spiders and crocodiles: older than thought

British scientists have reportedly found a fossilized spider preserved in amber that suggests spiders have existed much longer than thought.

Jun 14, 2006
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The Web: 'Reality TV' online for World Cup

From online "reality TV" to sporting blogs to fantasy soccer games, the Internet is emerging as the new way that FIFA World Cup 2006 fans are keeping in touch with the doings on -- and off -- the field this soccer season, ...

Jun 14, 2006
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Researchers decorate virus particles

Researchers at New York University have made chemical modifications to nanometer sized virus particles--a process that has the potential to improve magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. Their results are reported in ...

Jun 14, 2006
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Unusual flu vaccine is developed

U.S. scientists have used reverse genetics to develop an influenza virus with two key proteins on its surface derived from the H5N1 avian virus strain.

Jun 14, 2006
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To profit or explore -- it seems that is the question

People are constantly pulled between profiting from the things they know will reap rewards and exploring new options – but it is exploration that uses high-level regions of the brain, according to a study by UCL (University ...

Jun 14, 2006
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'Land of the ever-young' gene reprogrammes cells

University of Edinburgh scientists have discovered that the “ever-young” gene Nanog can cause adult cells to switch back to an embryonic state. The finding, to be published in the prestigious journal Nature, is the fi ...

Jun 14, 2006
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New materials developed for vascular graft

Virginia Commonwealth University engineers and scientists have developed a new material that may one day help patients with damaged arteries regenerate new ones.

Jun 14, 2006
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Butterfly Farming to Help Save Rain Forest

Researchers at the University of Warwick's plant research arm Warwick HRI have received a £295,000 Darwin initiative grant to develop a butterfly farming industry in Guyana that will help support 5000 people in 16 rainforest ...

Jun 14, 2006
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