Archive: 05/14/2005

Bees equipped with radar solve waggle dance controversy

A paper published in Nature on May 12th provides new data that resolves a long-standing scientific controversy. In the 1960s, Nobel Prize winning zoologist, Karl von Frisch, proposed that honeybees use da ...

May 14, 2005
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Nature study explains mystery of Mars icecaps

An interdisciplinary team of scientists thinks it has an answer to a long-standing mystery of why the permanent icecap on Mars' South Pole is offset from the pole itself. Simply put, it's colder and stormier in that hemisphere. But tha ...

May 14, 2005
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Xbox 360 video game console unveiled on MTV special

Celebrating the dawn of a new era in entertainment, millions of game fanatics around the globe came together for the televised unveiling of the Xbox 360 future-generation game and entertainment system from ...

May 14, 2005
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