Archive: 14/03/2008

Breast cancer more aggressive among obese women

Women with breast cancer have more aggressive disease and lower survival rates if they are overweight or obese, according to findings published in the March 15 issue of Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American ...

dateMar 14, 2008 in Cancer
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Australian men care about their health

A study of male attitudes to health and how they use health services, published in the online open access journal, BMC Health Services Research, challenges the usual stereotype that men are uninterested in their health. ...

dateMar 14, 2008 in Health
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Pain-free childbirth? Get real!

A pain-free and drug-free labour may be many expectant mothers’ dream but a review in the open access journal BMC Medicine reveals that reality hits hard. Most women's labour experiences differ markedly from their expectations. ...

dateMar 14, 2008 in Other
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