Archive: 03/14/2006

Study Links 'Smog' to Arctic Warming

NASA scientists have found that a major form of global air pollution involved in summertime "smog" has also played a significant role in warming the Arctic.

Mar 14, 2006
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Supercom looks to RF tags for revenue

Smart Card maker Supercom's "next generation market" for the coming year will be radio frequency asset and people tracking, the newly appointed chief executive officer told United Press International on Tuesday.

Mar 14, 2006
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2,000-year-old tunnels found in Israel

Archeologists say they've found remains north of Nazareth of the Jewish settlement "Kana of the Galilee," dating from the Roman period.

Mar 14, 2006
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Rare volcanic plumes create uncommonly dangerous ash flows

Three unique photographs of a recent volcanic eruption in a remote part of Ecuador show a plume unlike any previously documented, and hint at a newly recognized hazard, say scientists at the University of Illinois ...

Mar 14, 2006
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Rice University researchers create 'nanorice'

Who better to invent "nanorice" than researchers at Rice University? But marketing and whimsy weren't what motivated the team of engineers, physicists and chemists from Rice's Laboratory for Nanophotonics (LANP) ...

Mar 14, 2006
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Israeli election ringtones make a splash

An Israeli mobile operator announced some early returns on Tuesday, ahead of the March 28 general elections: Shas has the most popular political ringtone.

Mar 14, 2006
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Google goes to Mars

Not only can the ubiquitous search engine Google supply information, images and other Earth-bound data quickly, it can now also provide views of Mars.

Mar 14, 2006
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Aspiring for a broadband revolution

There are more mobile phones and computers in the world's poorest countries than ever, but it's far too early to declare that the technological divide between industrialized and developing nations is shrinking.

Mar 14, 2006
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U.S. confirms another mad cow case

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has confirmed the nation's third case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy -- mad cow disease.

Mar 14, 2006
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