Archive: 02/14/2014

Google Doodle speaks words of love

Google got into the Valentine's Day spirit on Friday with a search page "Doodle" featuring recorded tales of real-life love, including a moving vignette from a married gay couple.

dateFeb 14, 2014 in Internet
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Scientific racism's long history mandates caution

Racism as a social and scientific concept is reshaped and reborn periodically through the ages and according to a Penn State anthropologist, both medical and scientific researchers need to be careful that the growth of genomics ...

dateFeb 14, 2014 in Social Sciences
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Crab nebula of life

Researchers Chu,, have constructed the most complete and extensive crab sequence dataset to date. Their recalibrated crab gene tree using DNA and mitochondrial sequences from 140 species and 58 crab families provides ...

dateFeb 14, 2014 in Plants & Animals
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