Archive: 02/14/2008

Hareless: Yellowstone's rabbits have vanished, study says

A new study by the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society found that jack rabbits living in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have apparently hopped into oblivion. The study, which appears in the latest ...

Feb 14, 2008
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New cataract gene discovered

The international team of researchers was able to identify the location and defect in the coding region of the gene through analysis of genetic material (DNA) from members of a large Swiss family, the majority ...

Feb 14, 2008
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How 'nature's ultimate sensory machines' integrate sight and smell

“Flies are nature’s ultimate sensory machines, outperforming any human-engineered devices,” said Mark Frye of the University of California, Los Angeles. Adult fruit flies can distinguish small differences in odor concentration ...

Feb 14, 2008
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Worker or queen? Harvester ant moms set daughters' fates

When it comes to deciding what harvester ant daughters will be when they grow up, mother queens hold considerable sway, according to a new study published online on February 14th in Current Biology, a publication of Cell ...

Feb 14, 2008
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Active seniors curb health care costs

Group Health seniors are not only sweating to the oldies in local health clubs. They are also keeping health care costs down, according to a study by researchers at Group Health and the University of Washington (UW). The ...

Feb 14, 2008
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Global trade in tiger shrimp threatens environment

The cultivation of shrimp and fish in tropical coastal areas is often described as an environmentally friendly way to alleviate poverty, but in fact this cultivation has negative consequences for both the local population ...

Feb 14, 2008
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Heavy rainfall on the increase

Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have found that winter precipitation – such as rain and snow - became more intense in the UK during the last 100 years.

Feb 14, 2008
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