Archive: 02/14/2006

Japan's law to favor online shoppers

Shopping online is not only convenient, but it also allows consumers to buy products beyond borders easily. So it is easy enough for those living in one country to buy the product of another, assuming that they are willing ...

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Samsung Develops Ultra-fast Graphics Memory

Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the world’s fastest graphics memory - a GDDR4 graphics DRAM chip with much faster processing than an earlier version that Samsung led the industry in prototyping ...

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Expedition discovers marine treasures

An underwater mountain that forms the world's third-largest atoll has some of the richest diversity of marine life ever found in the Caribbean, according to scientists who recently explored the area.

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Race matters to 3-month-olds, study finds

You should judge someone not by the color of his skin, civil-rights leader Martin Luther King declared 43 years ago, but by the content of his character. Yet new research suggests that to achieve this ideal, you may have ...

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