Archive: 12/13/2006

Leicester breakthrough in eye disease

Researchers at the University of Leicester have identified for the first time a gene which causes a distressing eye condition. Their discovery, as reported in the journal Nature Genetics, is expected to lead to better treatm ...

dateDec 13, 2006 in Genetics
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Forsyth scientists discover early key to regeneration

Science may be one step closer to understanding how a limb can be grown or a spinal cord can be repaired. Scientists at The Forsyth Institute have discovered that some cells have to die for regeneration to occur. This research ...

dateDec 13, 2006 in
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Yes, Virginia, some snowflakes can look the same!

Snowflakes are one of the most recognizable and endearing symbols of winter. Their intricate shapes have been the inspiration for Christmas ornaments, jewelry and U.S. postage stamps. They are the subject of song, scho ...

dateDec 13, 2006 in Other
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