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Obama cheers 'mind-boggling' Mars mission

(AP) — Hailing NASA's "mind-boggling" Mars landing of the Curiosity rover, President Barack Obama urged the scientists operating the craft on Monday to phone home immediately if they find any extra-terrestrials.

dateAug 13, 2012 in Space Exploration
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Google buys Frommer's travel guides

US publishing house John Wiley & Sons said Monday it is selling all of its travel assets - including the well known Frommer's brand - to Internet titan Google.

dateAug 13, 2012 in Internet
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Birds can see web-inspired Ornilux glass

( -- A special type of glass that can prevent birds from flying into it has been put to use in the UK at a lookout tower off the north-east coast of England. The special bird stopping glass was developed ...

dateAug 13, 2012 in Engineering weblog
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The NBA league is more equal than the ACB

Competitiveness amongst NBA teams is more constant throughout seasons than during the ACB basketball league (Spain), which also falls after every Olympic Games. According to a study from the University of ...

dateAug 13, 2012 in Mathematics
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