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Intel Launches New Quad-Core Server Processors

Today Intel Corp. launched two quad-core Intel Xeon processors. The new processors boast unprecedented combinations of performance and energy efficiency, along with a pricing strategy to move the enterprise industry to multi-core ...

Aug 13, 2007
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Do the benefits of renewable energy sources stack up?

Do the overall efficiencies of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal add up in terms of their complete life cycle from materials sourcing, manufacture, running, and decommissioning? Researchers in ...

Aug 13, 2007
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When 'Don't Worry' Leads to Worry

When a company makes a commitment to avoid layoffs, it would be reasonable to expect that workers would feel more secure about their future. It turns out that's not true for everyone. In research presented at the American ...

Aug 13, 2007
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First glimpses from the Perseid meteor shower

Enthusiastic observers were rewarded by a nice display of the Perseid meteor shower that was visible at its best in the night between 12 and 13 August 2007. We present glimpses of the spectacle and the scientific ...

Aug 13, 2007
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LSU professors work to improve efficiency of ethanol fuel

Lowering fuel emission levels is a topic facing constant scrutiny by the global public. Rising gas costs, environmental concerns and conflicts in oil-producing areas have made consumers, corporations and researchers more ...

Aug 13, 2007
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Patient-centered approach can backfire

Today's doctors are trained to take a more "patient-centered" approach toward healthcare. That means educating patients about their conditions, encouraging questions and collaboration, discussing how the condition affects ...

Aug 13, 2007
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Circadian clock controls plant growth hormone

The plant growth hormone auxin is controlled by circadian rhythms within the plant, UC Davis researchers have found. The discovery explains how plants can time their growth to take advantage of resources such ...

Aug 13, 2007
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Protein 'chatter' linked to cancer activation

Scientists have found the existence of cross-talk between human chromosome ends and the protein complexes central to the stability of the entire human genome, a “chat” that contributes to cancer development.

Aug 13, 2007
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