Archive: 07/13/2006

Bacteria surrenders plant war secrets

U.S. scientists say they've discovered the secret weapon of bacteria -- the way they secure a foothold in plants to launch an invasion.

Jul 13, 2006
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Morning sickness protects mom and baby

A British study says nausea and vomiting caused by "morning sickness" is nature's way of protecting mother and baby from food poisoning.

Jul 13, 2006
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Taking Soil Science to Outer Space

The answer to the question about life on Mars may very well come from analyzing an unsuspecting source—the soil, specifically the icy layer of soil underneath the red planet’s surface. By analyzing the ...

Jul 13, 2006
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Weight gain increases breast cancer risk

Women who gain weight as young adults have a greater risk of developing breast cancer after menopause than women who maintain or lose weight, a study says.

Jul 13, 2006
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