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Farnesoid X receptor regulates cystathionase

The expression and activity of Cystathionase is reduced in rodent models of liver injury, leading to hyper-homocysteinemia and impaired generation of hydrogen sulphide, two factors that contribute to endothelial dysfunction ...

dateMay 13, 2009 in Medical research
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Coral Triangle could die by century's end: WWF

Coral reefs could disappear entirely from the Coral Triangle region of the Pacific Ocean by the end of the century, threatening the food supply and livelihoods for about 100 million people, according to a ...

dateMay 13, 2009 in Environment
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British pub finds smoking ban loophole: report

The landlady of a British pub has exploited a loophole in the country's smoking ban by opening a "smoking research centre" where drinkers can light up legally, reports said Wednesday.

dateMay 13, 2009 in Other
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Study outlines how to succeed with refillable packaging

Reusable and recyclable packaging are shooting up the news, public, and political agenda, and increasingly can offer a cutting edge to the growing number of environmentally-conscious consumers. But what makes a refillable ...

dateMay 13, 2009 in Other
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Improving education may cut smoking in youth

Although low socio-economic status is associated with an increased liability to smoke, performing well at school can mitigate this effect. A new study, published in BioMed Central's open access International Journal for Eq ...

dateMay 13, 2009 in Health
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Under Andean ice, a golden prize

An ambitious gold mining project in northern Chile, high up in the Andes close to ancient glaciers, is finally getting underway amid the economic downturn despite fears from environmentalists.

dateMay 13, 2009 in Environment
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