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Stopping unwanted cell death: Implications for drug discovery

Research published in Nature Chemical Biology reveals that three specific inhibitors of a cell death pathway, termed necroptosis, all target and inhibit RIP1 kinase, a protein that can direct cells into necrosis. Induced ...

dateApr 13, 2008 in
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A genetic cause for iron deficiency

The discovery of a gene for a rare form of inherited iron deficiency may provide clues to iron deficiency in the general population – particularly iron deficiency that doesn’t respond to iron supplements - and suggests ...

dateApr 13, 2008 in Genetics
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Insects evolved radically different strategy to smell

Darwin's tree of life represents the path and estimates the time evolution took to get to the current diversity of life. Now, new findings suggest that this tree, an icon of evolution, may need to be redrawn.

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Developing long-term relations with robots

Scientists at Queen Mary, University of London are leading an international project which is set to advance the relationship between robots and humans, as part of new European project called LIREC - Living with Robots and ...

dateApr 13, 2008 in Other
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