Archive: 04/13/2006

Software tool helps hazmat crews

Scientists at Georgia Tech in Atlanta have developed software for hand-held computers designed to quickly identify chemicals during an emergency.

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In Brief: Britain to study national broadband access

Britain's Office of Communications is embarking on a study of broadband providers. Specifically, Ofcom will be examining how easy it is for users to switch from one provider to another without sacrificing connectivity.

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Plants That Can Eat Arsenic

Environmental arsenic pollution is a serious and growing environmental problem, especially on the Indian subcontinent. Researchers at the University of Georgia had, several years ago, used genetic techniques to create "arsenic-eating" ...

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Study: How to avoid becoming a fossil

The best way to avoid becoming a fossil is to be small and live in deep, tropical waters. So say four paleontologists who have published a detailed, global study of clam preservation. Their work is intended ...

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Kia signs deal with Sirius

SIRIUS Radio and Kia Motors announced Thursday that Kia will exclusively offer SIRIUS as factory standard equipment.

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Virtual reality gets real

Creating close to real-life virtual reality (VR) experiences has proven to be costly and has had rather poor results. In response, a European research team has explored how exploiting visual and auditory illusions ...

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