Archive: 03/13/2008

Study provides clues to prevent spread of ovarian cancer

A drug that blocks production of an enzyme that enables ovarian cancer to gain a foothold in a new site can slow the spread of the disease and prolong survival in mice, according to a study by researchers from the University ...

Mar 13, 2008
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Vanguard I celebrates 50 years in space

The Vanguard I satellite celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Its launch on March 17, 1958 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, culminated the efforts of America’s first official space satellite program begun in September 1955. ...

Mar 13, 2008
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IBM Cracks Web 2.0 Security Concerns With 'SMash'

IBM today announced new technology to secure "mashups," web applications that pull information from multiple sources, such as Web sites, enterprise databases or emails, to create one unified view. Mashups are attractive for ...

Mar 13, 2008
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Plastic bags killing Queensland’s turtles

A group of University of Queensland researchers are urging Queenslanders to avoid littering the state's marine environment during the upcoming Easter holiday weekend.

Mar 13, 2008
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Tackling traffic’s biggest killer

Each year, over 40,000 people meet their end on Europe’s roads in car accidents. It is the equivalent of several small-scale wars. The biggest killer is head-on collisions, with 6,000 casualties annually. ...

Mar 13, 2008
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Crop scientists discover gene that controls fruit shape

Crop scientists have cloned a gene that controls the shape of tomatoes, a discovery that could help unravel the mystery behind the huge morphological differences among edible fruits and vegetables, as well ...

Mar 13, 2008
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