Archive: 12/12/2004

MP3 Sunglasses

OAKLEY THUMP is the world's first digital music eyewear. Just high-performance optics forged with an integrated, state-of-the-art digital audio engine. Oakley's digital music eyewear delivers over 60 tracks ...

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A deep sea hydrocarbon factory

A team of University of Minnesota scientists has discovered how iron- and chromium-rich rocks can generate natural gas (methane) and related hydrocarbons when reacted with superheated fluids circulating deep beneath the floor ...

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Notebooks as Popular as TVs This Season

While some time-honored holiday traditions never change, the 2004 holiday season is increasingly going digital with notebooks amongst this season's brightest sellers. According to consumer retail figures fro ...

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Glass gives up secrets under pressure

Glass is a mysterious material, but when researchers apply pressure, it reveals secrets. Using a variety of techniques, researchers at Argonne National Laboratory saw for the first time ever, the atomic str ...

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