Archive: 07/12/2005

UF Researchers Take Pulse Of Hurricane Dennis

University of Florida researchers working on at least two separate projects helped gauge Hurricane Dennis' fury Saturday and Sunday. In the first, a team of research engineers from UF and two other Florida uni ...

Jul 12, 2005
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Nextel Launches the Motorola i850 Camera Phone

Nextel Communications Inc. and Motorola Inc. today announced the Motorola i850, a feature-rich camera phone that combines enhanced communication features with a compact, sleek design.

Jul 12, 2005
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Supercomputer Installed at RIT Among the World’s Fastest

One of the fastest supercomputers in the world and the first ever designed specifically to study the evolution of star clusters and galaxies is now in operation at Rochester Institute of Technology. The new computer, bui ...

Jul 12, 2005
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Moderation in cell phone use is urged

A Canadian public health official is urging people to moderate their use of cell phones until uncertainties about long-term health effects are resolved.

Jul 12, 2005
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Mystery compact object producing high energy radiation

In a recent issue of Science Magazine, the High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) team of international astrophysicists reports the discovery of another new type of very high energy (VHE) gamma ray so ...

Jul 12, 2005
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Sandstorm robot makes unprecedented 200-mile autonomous run

Carnegie Mellon University's autonomous robotic HUMMER Sandstorm drove an unprecedented 200 miles in seven hours without human guidance last week in preparation for the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, a 175-mile ...

Jul 12, 2005
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Car Buyers Say Silence Isn't Golden

The technology improvements that are giving us ever quieter cars are not proving popular with many car drivers. Car manufacturers now want to restore to the inside of a car the sounds their customers want ...

Jul 12, 2005
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Manchester launches UK's largest nuclear institute

A century after Ernest Rutherford embarked on his research at The University of Manchester leading to the eventual splitting of the atom, the University is set to take another pioneering step towards the advancement of nuclear ...

Jul 12, 2005
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