Archive: 03/12/2008

Icy Promethei Planum

Promethei Planum, an area seasonally covered with a more than 3500 m thick layer of ice in the martian south polar region, was the subject of the High Resolution Stereo Camera’s focus on 22 September 2005 ...

Mar 12, 2008
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Insecticide combo delivers knockout punch

A cocktail of insecticides containing a plant protein and a common insecticide may be more lethal to crop pests than either ingredient used alone, according to biologists. The one-two punch also inhibits the insects' growth ...

Mar 12, 2008
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Gene hunters fine-tune marker for common obesity gene

Genomics researchers, seeking to replicate another group’s discovery of an important gene associated with obesity, have further refined the signal to a particular variant in DNA that may be more helpful in identifying this ...

Mar 12, 2008
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The fight against obesity -- a new insight

With obesity still on the increase, it appears that the main weapon in the fight against it - reducing energy consumption by eating less - is ineffective. There is evident need to search for new treatment strategies dealing ...

Mar 12, 2008
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How the brain copes in language-impaired kids

Researchers at UCL (University College London) have discovered that a system in the brain for processing grammar is impaired in some children with specific language impairment (SLI), but that these children compensate with ...

Mar 12, 2008
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Swiss researchers test high-speed WLAN network

According to the communication theory, only a limited amount of data can be transmitted within a given bandwidth for wireless communication. Ever since these limits were revealed 60 years ago, we have been ...

Mar 12, 2008
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Obesity chokes up the cellular power plant

The machinery responsible for energy production in fat cells is working poorly as a result of obesity. Finnish research done at the University of Helsinki and the National Public Health Institute shows that this may aggravate ...

Mar 12, 2008
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Early bird doesn't always get worm, researcher finds

Competing against older brothers and sisters can be tough work, as any youngest child will tell you. But new research from a biologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that when it comes to some birds, ...

Mar 12, 2008
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