Archive: 03/12/2008

Endeavour Due at Station Tonight

Circling the globe aboard space shuttle Endeavour, the STS-123 crew members have completed their first full day in space. The astronauts inspected the orbiter’s heat shield and prepared for their arrival ...

dateMar 12, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Astronomers find grains of sand around distant stars

In a find that sheds light on how Earth-like planets may form, astronomers this week reported finding the first evidence of small, sandy particles orbiting a newborn solar system at about the same distance as the Earth orbits ...

dateMar 12, 2008 in Astronomy
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Study helps explain fundamental process of tumor growth

Nearly 80 years ago, scientist Otto Warburg observed that cancer cells perform energy metabolism in a way that is different from normal adult cells. Many decades later, this observation was exploited by clinicians to better ...

dateMar 12, 2008 in Cancer
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A protein that triggers aggressive breast cancer

SATB1 is a nuclear protein well known for its crucial role in regulating gene expression during the differentiation and activation of T cells, making it a key player in the immune system. But SATB1 has now ...

dateMar 12, 2008 in Genetics
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Shell shock

An MIT materials scientist's research on sea snails has helped transform battery technology and may end the era when cell phones die if they're dropped and PDAs must be replaced if they get dunked in the tub.

dateMar 12, 2008 in
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Emotional 'bummer' of cocaine addiction mimicked in animals

Cocaine addicts often suffer a downward emotional spiral that is a key to their craving and chronic relapse. While researchers have developed animal models of the reward of cocaine, they have not been able to model this emotional ...

dateMar 12, 2008 in Other
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