Archive: 03/12/2007

Sheffield scientists light up bacteria

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have received joint funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council and the Ministry of Defence to develop an innovative sensor to detect bacteria. The new method ...

Mar 12, 2007
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Research finds music training 'tunes' human auditory system

A newly published study by Northwestern University researchers suggests that Mom was right when she insisted that you continue music lessons -- even after it was clear that a professional music career was not in your future.

Mar 12, 2007
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New Panorama Reveals More Than a Thousand Black Holes

By casting a wide net, astronomers have captured an image of more than a thousand supermassive black holes. These results give astronomers a snapshot of a crucial period when these monster black holes are growing, ...

Mar 12, 2007
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Antifungal drug kills TB bug

Scientists hoping to find new treatments for one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases say drugs used to treat common fungal infections may provide the answer.

Mar 12, 2007
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CryoSat-2 on the road to recovery

Building a satellite in just three years is without doubt an ambitious undertaking. Nevertheless, the decision to rebuild CryoSat and recover the mission includes just that goal. A year on and the mission is ...

Mar 12, 2007
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