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Interactive virtual showroom

In cylindrical 360° panoramas, virtual scenes can be viewed all the way around their own axis. A new system now allows these scenes to be explored interactively by augmenting them with sound, pictures or films, ...

Mar 12, 2005
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CeBIT 2005: Sound Added to Text Messages for Talking Images

Soon it may be possible to send short messages as audio documents with animations created by the sender. As a supplement to text messaging and MMS, Siemens has developed the Animated Instant Voice Message, ...

Mar 12, 2005
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STMicroelectronics Offers Single-chip Approach to LED Control

STMicroelectronics has introduced a set of single-chip LED driver ICs for industrial lighting, signage and transport applications. The Power Logic STPxxC596 and STPxxCL596 family integrates the functions needed to drive LED ...

Mar 12, 2005
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'Millipede' small scale MEMS prototype shown at CeBIT

Nanomechanical data storage device from the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland Given the rapidly increasing data volumes that are downloaded onto mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs, ther ...

Mar 12, 2005
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