Archive: 02/12/2008

Human deaths from shark attacks hit 20-year low last year

Fatal shark attacks worldwide dipped to their lowest levels in two decades in 2007 with the sole casualty involving a swimmer vacationing in the South Pacific, according to the latest statistics from the University of Florida.

Feb 12, 2008
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Engineers have big ideas for the latest in medical scanners

Engineers at the University of Sheffield and STFC Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories have developed one of the World's largest imagers that could form the heart of future medical scanners. The new technology will allow doctors ...

Feb 12, 2008
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Survey finds global companies lack strong leadership

In a just-completed survey of Fortune 500 companies operating in accelerating economies – Brazil, Russia, India, and China (the so-called “BRIC” countries) – a team at Stevens Institute of Technology has found that ...

Feb 12, 2008
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