Archive: 01/12/2010

Scientists create super-strong collagen

( -- A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has created the strongest form of collagen known to science, a stable alternative to human collagen that could one day be used to treat arthritis and ...

Jan 12, 2010
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Stable climate and plant domestication linked

Sustainable farming and the introduction of new crops relies on a relatively stable climate, not dramatic conditions attributable to climate change. Basing their argument on evolutionary, ecological, genetic and agronomic ...

Jan 12, 2010
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France accepts Google role in book scanning

France agreed Tuesday to work with Google to digitally scan French library books but insisted it would not surrender legal control of its cultural heritage to the US Internet giant.

Jan 12, 2010
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Survey: Half of China's moms-to-be have C-sections

(AP) -- Nearly half of moms-to-be surveyed in China were delivering by cesarean sections, the world's highest rate recorded by the World Health Organization, which warned Tuesday that a boom in unnecessary surgeries is jeopardizing ...

Jan 12, 2010
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