Archive: 12/11/2008

Boy or girl? It's in the father's genes

( -- A Newcastle University study involving thousands of families is helping prospective parents work out whether they are likely to have sons or daughters.

Dec 11, 2008
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Sweetened beverage consumption increases in the US

Over the past two decades, the number of adults consuming sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks, fruit drinks and punches has increased dramatically, according to a study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg ...

Dec 11, 2008
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Amputees can experience prosthetic hand as their own

Scientists at Karolinska Institutet and Lund University in Sweden have succeeded in inducing people with an amputated arm to experience a prosthetic rubber hand as belonging to their own body. The results can lead to the ...

Dec 11, 2008
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The profound effects of numbing agents

A large proteomics study on the brains of newborn mice provides more evidence that numbing drugs often used in obstetric or pediatric medicine can have profound and long-term negative effects, even after minimal exposure.

Dec 11, 2008
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There's a life-saving medical device sitting on your sink

Hospital-borne infections are a serious risk of a long-term hospital stay, and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), a lung infection that develops in about 15% of all people who are ventilated, is among the most dangerous. ...

Dec 11, 2008
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Researchers: tamoxifen's power comes from endoxifen

Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered that a chemical known as endoxifen appears to be the primary metabolite responsible for the effectiveness of tamoxifen in treating breast cancer, and that it works against cancer in ...

Dec 11, 2008
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Scientists watch membrane fission in real time

Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute have solved one of biology's neatest little tricks: they have discovered how a cell's outer membrane pinches a little pouch from itself to bring molecules outside the cell inside—without ...

Dec 11, 2008
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Use weights, not aerobics, to ease back pain

People who use weight training to ease their lower back pain are better off than those who choose other forms of exercise such as jogging, according to a University of Alberta study.

Dec 11, 2008
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