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People Who Self-Censor Opinions Also Avoid Public Politics

Americans who are reluctant to openly express their opinions when they believe others disagree also tend to avoid publicly visible political activity, such as working for a political campaign or circulating petitions, a new ...

Oct 11, 2006
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A boost for solar cells with photon fusion

An innovative process that converts low-energy longwave photons (light particles) into higher-energy shortwave photons has been developed by a team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research ...

Oct 11, 2006
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Some Super-Earths Form in Super Snowstorms

The 200 known planets that orbit other stars exhibit incredible variety. Among them are a handful of worlds that weigh between 5 and 15 times Earth. Astronomers believe these "super-Earths" are rocky iceballs rather than ...

Oct 11, 2006
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Particle decay may point to New Physics

A tiny flaw has caught the attention of physicists: the Standard Model (SM) predicts that the B meson mixing phase should be measured at nearly the same result using two different classes of decay modes. However, ...

Oct 11, 2006 feature
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The day LISA Pathfinder hung in the balance

At the core of ESA's LISA Pathfinder mission sit two small hearts. Each is a cube, just 5 centimetres across. Together they will allow LISA Pathfinder to lay the foundations for future space-based measurements ...

Oct 11, 2006
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Speed is the name of the game for researchers

Cutting-edge computer technology designed for use in game consoles like the PlayStation 3 will power complex research software at The University of Manchester. Academics in several scientific and engineering fields will use ...

Oct 11, 2006
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Nanoparticle assembly enters the fast lane

The speed of nanoparticle assembly can be accelerated with the assistance of the molecule that carries life's genetic instructions, DNA, a team of researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National ...

Oct 11, 2006
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